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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The one that got away!

The five of us that were in the class were now all in except for one. The guy from Chicago who was in banking had his eye on another franchise and was holding out. He told me he was looking at a check cashing franchise. The was lucrative and can't miss. In retrospect he's the one fish that got away clean from the bait these guys used to real us in. But I thought, "See I'm in this for the ministry and he's in for the money. My heart is right. This can't fail."
Well, now I'm in and the next step was to call my boss and resign from my job that I had for 20 years. Yes, my dream job. Making tons of money doing very little and enjoying the good life. But I'm trading that for a life with a purpose a mission or so I thought.

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