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Monday, September 27, 2010

Crestcom Dream Stealers

I wish to to meet the jerk who said to just take the rip off like a man. Hey pal they stole my money. I am pissed. They are the one's who wouldn't man up and buy back the worthless trash they pawned off on me. Even after they had made a grave mistake they did nothing. So shut up or man up yourself. I wonder if you would think it better if I just let them keep on stealing other folks dreams as well. They dashed mine.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crestcom, four years gone

Four years ago I had enough of Crestcom International. They were about to charge me for unsold seats. How about the nerve of these pirates. After they had me using a marketing method they "scrapped," now they want me to buy the new crap material and penalize me for the time and money they wasted. Then they flatly denied me any more help on getting it off the ground. So I through in the towel.They won't buy back, even a fraction, of the crappy franchise they sold me. The company that helped me with financing told me they had never seen such a thing. They wouldn't lift a finger to help me sell the thing and then eventually sold another one in my area. Dirty rotten scoundrels, the lot!