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Sunday, January 11, 2009

the Shack

Worked at Radio Shack for 3 months. What a trial. I initially thought I'd just hang out selling RS stuff working long retail hours, so what. Well what this turned into a nightmare. Between remodeling a store and the holiday season upon us I ended up working 60-70 hours a week for basically minimum wage. I had a certifiable nut job for a boss and the district manager was on some tripped out power ride. This was the worst retail situation I was ever in. But, I endured it and led the place in sales. The president of RS shook my hand (Julian Day is the most clueless individual making 5 million a year God has ever stretched skin across -no wonder the USA is in the shitter and his lackeys Sharlene and Dana are **holes & Bob the store mgr is seriously demented.) Julian said good job you drove sales during the peak weeks. But I worked for nothing. Black Friday week and Christmas week with 70 hours and being #1 in sales I earned $595 a week with commissions, bonuses, holiday pay, and overtime for 70 hours of work and abuse!!! Wow wee!!! This was a true test of my patience and endurance. But I did learn I can endure all things. The Lord really tested me this time... For you people and you know who you are; in management at "the shack." this one's for you...