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Monday, June 16, 2014

Checking back in

Its been almost two years since my last post. Time flies when you get older. It still hits me that I could be retired now if it wasn't for getting scammed by those fine folks at Crestcom International.

I am hoping somehow that the experience all makes sense. I would say it helps in having endured it. I'll be a lot more savvy to slick huckster tricks. I learned to not trust anyone anymore implicitly. I having nothing more to lose financially, so I am not so hung up on trying new things, because I really have - nothing to lose. I realized too that I based my security and hope on material things. This is tantamount to idolatry, basing your self worth, hope, identity and security on the things of this world.  

God lead me into that - of that I have no doubt. But just as David had to endure the wilderness when fleeing Saul, I will learn my lessons.