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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New job crash

Well it's over as quickly as it started. I was told I had 60 days to prove myself. I was also told he would know in 6 weeks if I could do the job. So embarked on the evaluation period. The criteria was setting appointments. That was the number one objective I was told. If I could cold call and set quality appointments I would go to training. Well I exceeded that goal. Never was there ever one critical thing said to me. I understand they wanted to see me on my own. Well I got and email telling me how I had succeeded and that training was set for June. That was Friday, I went in Monday and was let go. I was only given the reason that they didn't feel I had the sales skill set for this business. What! I was never given ANY training and was not even aware of how this could be evaluated. I believe it was something else beyond me personally. Anyhow after 30 days embarking what I thought was the final journey in my career I'm back on the street again.