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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye to 2011

This was a strange and odd year in my life. It all began when our company shut its doors. Good news , bad news. One month paid 6 weeks severance, I was so optimistic and happy. I attended 4 or 5 networking meeting a week. Finally got a connection with a guy who had a bunch of channel partners who he could hook me up with. Well I got a job for 30 days and they let me go because they found a guy from a competitor, so they could use his contacts, and couldn't afford both of us. Then the other companies he recommended were not in a position to hire.
I then spent the summer in despair. My boy lost his car his job and in place to live, just having him sit at home day after day, drug me down. I took a contract job and it flopped. Tried another couple of contract jobs that dried up as fast as they started.
I treid to start a career group at my church but they shut it down(I left that church).
Nothing is out there. I ended the year by taking a part time job. Now, one year later I am as down as I was up this time last year. One step forward two steps backward.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

One year and counting

It's been a year since they shut down the branch were I worked. I found a job that lasted 1 month, but was let go when they hired someone away from a competitor. I have had a few 1099 contract sales jobs that were pie-in-sky sales opportunities and now have a part time gig. As you see by my blog this has been almost a 6 year odyssey . I am so sick and tired of the job hunt, career transition or whatever. I know its all about a lot of circumstances beyond my control. I ask God all the time for a job. I don't understand and may never know why this painful ordeal has come upon me.