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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On my own.

Well I was assured that when I bought this franchise I would get training and support. Well if you call a handful of dvd's training, I guess. As for support; I met with my fellow area franchisee, the one who was holding his sessions at my group leaders business office. He shall I say, was less than enthusiastic about me being I in the area. I had been told this would be a real plus and beside the territory was big enough to support 6 or more franchises.
I then set out to get my business started I had to set up a corporation out of my 401 k money. Get an accountant (his name was Dave.) Then I had to memorize word for word a 25 page script. This was in order to give a 30 minute presentation to the VITO. This I was told were the golden words and the magic presentation that my success would depend upon my knowing this and following it exactly. Practice, practice and more practice.
Then after a couple of weeks I can get to work and make money.

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