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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The "Sciript " was in beta version!!!

The class I was in was the first to use a new roll out of "the script." We were all faltering. That's right the magic words that were from day one touted to be golden were in get this, "beta testing." If you follow the script you will succeed. Every failure was attributed to not following the script. After the big global pow wow the new version was being rolled out to everyone else. The veterans all were saying the new version was weak, ineffective and badly done. Mr "by the book Bob big BS" was writing the material on the fly.This is all the script I had known. I felt like the kid in the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk," I had sold all I had for a handful of worthless beans. Now why again did I buy a franchise? If you by a KFC franchise you don't get a new roll out of the secret receipt or a MacDonald s and get a beta of the special sauce. But this is what we got. I had no doubt this is why my few appointments were failing I was delivering crappy stuff. Remember I had memorized a 30 minute presentation verbatim. This is the material they gave me. I was warned not to make even one little change. Now how much confidence could I muster? The were hurriedly sending out new updated revisions and what gall they were charging us for the new material and we had to eat the cost of the beat version. These guys are shameless.

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