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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The end of the dream.

After a couple of appointment cancellations. I call them cancellations because these clowns made appointments confirmed them and then just plain didn't show up. At their own business! No call no nothing, great example to their employees. Now I am told by the franchise that I'm going to have to start paying them $2,500 a month for unsold seats. That's right these pirates stole my money with a worthless crappy product and they have the big brass cojones to want to nickel and dime me. Pirates, thieves and bandits have some honor. Not these con men. Well my only alternative was to put it on hold or start to leak 10k a month out of my already depleted 401k. I then went back to the franchise finder and asked him to help sell this "good luck," he said. Then the franchise company wouldn't do anything but "try" to sell it- right.
Now after 6 months and spending my 401 K I had to start looking for a job. Which is when I started this blog. See the earlier posts for that story.

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