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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Employment Blues

Now in the ranks of the under-employed I'm just hanging in there. There are no permanent good jobs and the ones we get demand much and put in little. Pressure is great to push sales in area's that are profit making but not helping the customer at all. Like Radio Shack and the goofy service plans on items such as jump drives and MP3 players. Time Warner really pushed hard on dying land based phones, they punished 76 out of 77 people for not meeting the quota's. Stupid. Oh, well. If any potential employer see's this post and thinks this is all negativity, too bad. Clean up your act. Get fresh products, don't lie in your marketing and behave honestly and ethically. That is the only kind I will work for anyway. I think I may end up homeless, but at least I'll keep my integrity.

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