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Thursday, July 29, 2010

College Degree Required

Its not so much that I don't have a college degree that it bothers me. What really makes me livid is that I am in SALES. I'm not in teaching, accounting, medicine or any field where one would think that a college degree would be a prerequisite. They didn't have a sales course at the time I would have went to college.If they did it would have been taught by a Marxist dope smoking professor in a tweed jacket. I learned sales and marketing through hands on experience and reading 100's of books and listening to hours of tapes/Cd's by salesman. No I did not go to college. I did work with and study my craft -in the real world. Well if they want that piece of paper that proves to them I have a brain then they need to watch the Wizard of Oz a couple more times until they get the point. I worked with educators for over 20 years. I did not have any trouble at all interacting with some of the highest level educators, publishers and authors. In fact with some people I met the higher level the education the less the sales/people skills seemed to be apparent. I think this requirement in sales is well quite frankly added on by someone who hasn't payed off there student loan and thinks if you didn't spend that money you got a free ride.

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