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Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Win.

When your broker is a fraud too, then you might as well bend over and grab your ankles .

From Rip-off Report:

Even if you find a client who wants to work with you to find a franchise, many of the franchisors we work with are terrible. We are telling our clients that franchises have a 90% success rate. This is an outright, boldface lie!!! Franchises really don't have any better success rate than do independent businesses. That's because franchisors don't count the franchisees who sell or close down their business as a failure. As a matter of fact, when I was validating the TES franchise and I checked through the UFOC there were only about 10-15 TES consultants who had left the system. In reality there were more 50 and maybe even 100. That's because people who were considered inactive or who had just closed down were not counted as terminated. This is a very common practice with all franchisors not only TES.

The bottom-line is The Entrepreneur's Source is a fraud. There is currently a huge lawsuit involving about 20 former consultants with damages over 1 million dollars. Complaints have also been filed with the Federal Trade Commission and the Connecticut Attorney General against TES.

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