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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Times They are a Changin'

As I recall that song growing up I never would have thought how fast things would start to accelerate during my mid-life years. I think this is a good thing though it forces us to have to stay current and keeps our mind sharp.

I was perfectly happy in my perfect career path. I was selling classroom reading books to schools. I was the manager of a brand new branch office. The owners wanted total "hands-off." So I got to do it all. All I started with was 2 folding chairs and a phone sitting on a couple of phone books. I bought the equipment, hired and trained the staff, did all the marketing, and sales. Then as computers and technology became the backbone of the modern office. I had to learn all about how to use and maintain all that technology. It was fun and exciting. I thought I'd do this the rest of my life. I thought reading books in schools would be something that would ever end. However, with standardized testing, computers, other technology and a whole new generation of students and teachers the book business was getting tough.

So I decided to become proactive and look for a second half of my life career. I did 6 months of research and came up with the perfect franchise opportunity. Well at least I thought so. Well I funded it by using my 401k and had 6 months reserve. Well I won't go into detail here but after six months I had to get some income because this wasn't working at all. I thought with all my transferable skills I would have no trouble snagging a job until I could recoup and regroup. So that's when I awoke to the fact that after being out of the job market for 19 years it wasn't going to be that easy. So I am starting this blog to help me in that transition and also help and guide others down that new career adventure.

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