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Friday, December 08, 2006

Pajama Jobs

I've been stuck in this rut for three months. Searching the Internet for jobs sending my resume into the great vacuum called the Internet. My son seems to be stuck in the same situation. I really need to get out. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to start a network. They say start with everybody you come in contact with. Do you honestly think that people cutting my hair, bagging my groceries and scooping my french fries have great connections. Dude, get real. Maybe it's the guy behind the glass at the gas station -who incidentally looks like Mohammad Atta. Maybe its the hard working Mexicans I meet at 7-11 filling their coffee cups 1/2 full of the little creamers thinking their getting milk, then piling on relish and condiments on their hot dogs- evidently believing they're getting their veggies for the day. I attend a couple of career workshops and church. But that's about it. I got a couple of guy's to meet me a Starbucks once a week. I can't even get to know my neighbors. They drive into their garage then maybe stick their nose out to get the paper or mail and retreat like moles into their hovle. I guess we will continue to surf aimlessly. Hoping to connect out here somewhere. It seems such a waste. But, until I get some better idea's here I'm stuck.

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