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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Next steps forward.

What we are facing in the new economy requires new ways of thinking. I grew up in western Pennsylvania in a time when you good expect to get a good job for life in the mills and the mines. Actually my Dad and Grandad where railroaders. But this way of life started to erode. By 1980 a mass exodus took place, from all over what is now known as the rust belt, to the sunbelt states to find jobs.

While the shift from industrial to information and service based economy gave us a boost to get us through the next couple of decades. We were high on cheap easy credit and consumerism helped propel the economy in the 90's. The dot com bubble burst and 09/11 set us back but we bounced back a little do to the fact we still had assets. Then the banking crisis of 2008 and the Wall Street mess and our assets dwindled.

Fast forward to today. We are in a jobless recovery and the old ways of thinking need to be refined. I had spent twenty years in the book business. That business is all but gone, replaced in part by new technology as well as usurped by it.

So now hitting the milestone of being 60 next month, I am looking to reinvent and retool my career.

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