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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Back around the same corner

Well my new dream job, the one I thought would last the rest of my working life, lasted a whole 30 days.Yes, that's right 30 days! I did every thing required and exceeded the only criteria I was to be evaluated on. Not only that I got an email on Friday saying that I was accepted into the training program and it also contained a comment from the home office saying that they heard how well I was doing. On Monday I was let go. I found out in the meantime they hired a guy who had come from a competitor. This means he could bring in a book of potential clients. They bought his leads. Well however unethical this was to his former company and the treatment of me, it simply didn't matter, business is business. The manager was only thinking of the short term bottom line. This is exactly what's wrong in American right now.

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