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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New career

Well I've been at my new career for 3 weeks now. What I've learned in the past has strengthen me. It has almost killed me. I still have issues and regrets. Like Crestcom, why did God allowed those thieving pirates to take my dreams and my money? I need to get closure on that. It's hard to move forward, with that unresolved.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your journey. I joined Crestcom a couple of years ago and have had a positive experience so far. That is not why I am writing though. I am hoping to help you find closure so you can move on. Crestcom was sold over three years ago and the new owners hired a new CEO and other new management. You are holding a grudge against an entity that no longer exists as you knew it. Even the people you blame have moved on with their lives and probably don't even think about Crestcom anymore. You can't change the fact that you feel wronged in the past but you can control whether you let it continue to affect your future. The rest of the world will continue to change around you whatever you choose.